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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Iran’s (not so) Secret War on the West

Following the revelations reported by ABC News that the U.S. government supports nefarious groups in the Middle East to weaken Iran; which is taking a page from Iranian creation of and support of fun groups like Hezbollah et al. I felt it necessary to share with the world media that Iran itself has been involved in a “secret war” with the West for three decades now.

The last few years of these war efforts have been accomplished via the assistance of the U.N.; “a timeline of the U.N. moves which have progressively emboldened Iran and like-minded terrorist entities the world over.

Since the Iranian Revolution and the taking of Americans hostage (perhaps they were “victims of a misunderstanding”) for 444 days, Iran has been a major player in a clandestine or “secret war” with the West; a very brief summary of which from the Iran Terror Database:

“During the 1980s and 1990s, at least 90 percent of the major terrorist attacks were linked either to Tehran as the epicenter of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism or to its surrogates and agents and movements that managed to thrive only under the light of Tehran's mullahs. Some of the terrorist attacks carried out either by Tehran or fundamentalists under its hegemony and influence are:

•The occupation of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and the taking of American hostages in 1979. This was, in fact, a clear declaration of war by this new phenomenon that effectively demonstrated its antiWest potential and hysteria.
•Taking Westerners, especially Americans, hostage in
Lebanon in the 1980s.
•The explosion of the
U.S. Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983.
•The bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over
Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988. The explosion of an Air France 747 passenger jet in Tehran's airport in 1983
•Several bombings in the streets of
Paris in 1986, which caused many deaths and injuries among civilians
•The hanging of U.S. Colonel William Higgins, who worked for the United Nations, in
•The shipment of 51 packages of explosives to
Saudi Arabia (which were discovered before detonation) in 1986 in order to kill many pilgrims. The massacre of more than 400 pilgrims to Mecca in 1987
•The bombing of the Israeli Embassy in
Buenos Aires.
•The killing of antifundamentalist intellectuals and authors in
Turkey. . The decree to kill Salman Rushdie.
•The killings of many Iranian dissidents, particularly the Mojahedin, in
Germany, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Pakistan, and United Arab Emirates.”

Much more can be found at this site and many others regarding the atrocities committed either by Iran or through one of its proxies.

Fast forward to the 21st century we discover that Iran has been “secretly” working on the development of nuclear energy for the sake of “peaceful” purposes; something those with their eyes open find hard to believe considering Iran’s activities over the last 30 years.

The United Nations has been deeply involved in resolving this situation vigorously, which has ultimately resulted in a very aggressive stance through the latest; Resolution 1737, which was adopted by the Security Council during its 5612th meeting. One following the goings on with in the U.N. can be forgiven for mistaking that this 5612th was not in fact the 5612th on Iran’s “peaceful nukes;” but the 5612th of the SC itself.

The resolution led to an eventual gutsy (if you’re afraid of the U.N.), move by Tehrrorists in Tehran, which will if history reflects accurately, be known as the “15 Victims of a Misunderstanding Episode.”

Earlier today, Margaret Beckett the British Foreign Secretary made remarks regarding the efforts at gaining the release of the 15 closing with (italics mine):

“There is only one more thing I would add, some people have read a lot into the Prime Minister's remarks about not seeing progress in the next 48 hrs, he is not talking, nor intending to imply, anything about military action, we are not seeking confrontation, we are seeking to pursue this through diplomatic channels.”

These types of remarks as well as an even keeled, limp wristed and tepid response from Britain, which fails to imply any further belief in the adage of one “keeping their p*cker up,” likely led to:

“President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the 15 Britons seized 13 days ago are being pardoned for the prophet Muhammad's birthday and are being released after his news conference in Tehran today.”

The honest broker President Mahmoud “Momo” Ahmadinejad said:

"The Great Iranian people and the Islamic Republic, despite having the legal right to put these British sailors on trial, will pardon them. Their release will be given to the British population as a gift."

During his originally postponed press conference Ahmadinejad:

“awarded a medal of honour on Wednesday to a Revolutionary Guards commander for his role in arresting 15 British marines and sailors who Iran had charged had entered Iranian waters illegally last month but Britain maintained were in Iraqi territorial waters at the time of their seizure.”

I would expect some type of “medal of honor” will be bestowed upon the 15 once they are returned to their country.

As much as it sickens me to a degree to feel this way, I cannot help but believe that an opportunity to address the leadership in Tehran has been missed. A more overt action against the West by Tehran has not taken place, so I cannot imagine what they would need to do to actually rile the world as it should be. To have addressed the “misunderstanding” militarily would assuredly have had dire consequences, which I honestly would not relish. However, those days may be to come because we believe by the steps taken, that we have avoided a disaster.

In the peaceful words of the Iranian president himself regarding recent U.N. sanctions as addressed to the major world powers:

“If they want to create disturbances ... for parts of our economy, (like) banks, we will retaliate there or in other places."

Happy Birthday to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)!


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