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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Iran Beano Use Up; Gas Shortage

No links available, but two major Iranian newspapers regarding gas station torchings:

- Gasoline rationed unexpectedly

- Gasoline rationed eventually
The Islamic Republic News Agency however is all over it with:
" First Vice-Speaker Mohammad-Reza Bahonar, who chairs the Majlis session on Wednesday, made the announcement following introducing petrol rationing from Wednesday.

"We have invited the oil minister to attend the Majlis session and give explanations (on petrol rationing)," Bahonar said.

A number of Majlis deputies issued a notification on rationing of petrol.

Iran's Oil Ministry issued a statement Tuesday night saying petrol for all vehicles and motorcycles would be rationed as of Wednesday."

There is something missing here, but The NY Times has this bit:

"There was no official confirmation Wednesday linking the two gas stations that could be seen burning in Tehran to the protests against the rationing, announced late Tuesday by the Oil Ministry. The measure sparked long lines at stations as Iranians tried to get one last fill-up before the limitations kicked in.

State radio reported early Wednesday that several stations were attacked ''by vandals,'' without giving further details. State-run television also said some of the vandals were detained. It did not give number of the detained people.

Reports that gas stations in several cities across the country were also in flames could not be independently confirmed."

One Iranian gentleman effected by the rationing questioned:

'''Is this good timing, to announce rationing only three hours before it starts?'''

Good question; I would think not. Good news though as IRNA reports that Oil Minister Kazem Vaziri-Hamaneh said:

'"The government will not let people face problem in supplying petrol. With respect to the quota, people will face no problem in supplying petrol for the next three months."'

The rationing amounts according to IRNA:

private cars which cannot use compressed natural gas (CNG) would get 100 liters of petrol a month, and those with CNG would get 30 liters.

Government Cars? 10 liters per day

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