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Monday, January 16, 2006

AT&T Worldnet Service - Top News - Big Security Council Members Agree on Iran

AT&T Worldnet Service - Top News - Big Security Council Members Agree on Iran

Powerful members of the U.N. Security Council agreed Monday that Iran must fully suspend its nuclear program, Britain's Foreign Office said following a meeting aimed at forging a common response to Tehran's decision to resume uranium enrichment activities.

The Foreign Office said all five veto-wielding permanent members of the Security Council _ the U.S., Britain, France, Russia and China _ and Germany had shown "serious concern over Iranian moves to restart uranium enrichment activities."

They agreed on the need for Iran to "return to full suspension," according to a statement.

Looks like their on top of it, apparently they all agree that Iran's recent move is bad. Kofi is on top of it, as well as our elected officials on both sides of the aisle.

CNN is on top of it with "Europe pushes Iran towards U.N.", so for starters it looks as though the implication is that Europe is moving this along. Now we can all feel confident that the U.S. is not all alone on this one. At least according to CNN.

The question is, when will their unwillingness to back the talk become apparent to the masses?


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