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Monday, January 30, 2006

CNN - QuickVote - What's al Qaeda up to?

What's al Qaeda up to?

On the run 14% 4111 votes
Hiding and plotting 66% 19837 votes
Ready to strike 21% 6238 votes
Total: 30186 votes

Personally and as usual, I'm not crazy about the answers available, but CNN wouldn't want it any other way. I selected "on the run," although there is no reason that some could not also be plotting while running/moving/staying low etc.

The fact that more people feel they are "Ready to strike" than there are that believe they're "On the run" is a shame. I think people give this group too much credit. Now by saying that, I do not mean an attack is not possible, but "hiding and plotting" and the 19,837 that have thus far voted is pretty scaredy cat if you ask me.

Just another worthless "unscientific" poll. Can't wait for the article...


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