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Thursday, January 19, 2006

TIME.com: Bin Laden Reclaims Top Billing -- Page 1

TIME.com: Bin Laden Reclaims Top Billing

"Relaims Top Billing," in the media world. He sends a weak audio recording and suddenly to the likes of Time, he's back!!!

As Time says, the message "is most notable for the long silence that preceded it." Which I also find notable, likely because he has to continually move. Unfortunately for us, this isn't the end all preventative with regard to new attacks.

Time says, it appears to be a "hypothetical negotiating position and the prospect of coexistence with the U.S." If that is his intent, we have no reason to believe he would honor any such thing, as he is someone that does not fight in any way that could be construed as honorable. Although, to those that would consider him and others "freedom fighters," this would obviously not be agreed with.

bin Laden opened a can of worms when he opened many closed eyes on 9/11. Too bad many in this country have lulled themselves back into that same sleep. Would a new attack awaken them again? Or would this be proof to them that Bush has created more "jihadists?" I tend to think the latter as that allows some to continue believing the biggest threat in the world is Bush who will be gone after '08 and that bin Laden and his girls can be negotiated with.

What would the "binster" and his following do in Iraq and Afghanistan were we to negotiate this "peace of paper?" It might not be too different from the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam, though that can be only so accurate since this isn't, no matter how much some want it to be, Vietnam.

Do people really believe that would be the end of it?

Another can of worms? Zawaqari and other off-shoots are all but controllable at this point for bin Laden and will continue to mutate beyond that. We just have to continue as we have, though with a little more heart from the homefront would be helpful, however, the "demediacrats" among us will not allow that.

Somewhere else on the net "CNN could not immediately confirm that the voice on the poor-quality audiotape was that of bin Laden. However, CNN's Senior Editor for Arab Affairs Octavia Nasr said it does sound like the al Qaeda leader."

Ooh, there in that business now? What, do they think they're some type of authority. They should stick to misleading reporting since that's what they do best.

I've said previously, I don't doubt they could pull something off, but let's not let them get away with it if they do.


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