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Thursday, February 02, 2006

CNN.com - 'Critical phase' in Iran standoff - Feb 2, 2006

CNN.com - 'Critical phase' in Iran standoff - Feb 2, 2006: "'There is a disagreement among board members whether to report the Iranian issue now to the Security Council or at a later stage,' "

According to CNN.com "If the board agrees to the delay, it could help bolster the opportunity for negotiations to get Iran to halt its nuclear activities.." We will have much time for fanfare, public diplomacy and many high-end lunches.

All members of the board from the IAEA agree '"that the Security Council should not take any action.'"

Action might be considered an action and we do not want that. That is something neither the IAEA nor U.N. do.

We should all be able to understand the difficulties and ups and downs of the negotiations, but this would be funny, were it not so serious.

There is no need for concern because, '"ElBaradei said that moves to report Iran to the U.N. Security Council were "not a crisis" but "a window of opportunity" in resolving the standoff."' So we can all relax thanks to the Nobel Peace laureates have it under control.

Full text: IAEA Iran resolution 18 September 2004

"(a) Recalling the resolutions adopted by the board on 18 June 2004, 13 March 2004, 26 November 2003, and on 12 September 2003 and the statement by the board of 19 June 2003".....

CNN - (November 12, 2003 ) IAEA: Iran secretly made nuclear material

CNN - (September 19, 2004) - IAEA: Iran nuke talks still open

ABC 7 News - (September 02, 2005 ) IAEA: Iran Has Tons of Gas for Weapon

This shouldn't take too much longer. Based on the success of the Iraq mission, action should not be necessary for another ten years or so.


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