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Friday, February 03, 2006

CNN.com - IAEA delays�vote on reporting Iran - Feb 3, 2006

CNN.com - IAEA delays�vote on reporting Iran - Feb 3, 2006

Delayed until 10AM tomorrow morning? To then be delayed....

Some time for BLACKMAIL:

'"Iran's ambassador to the IAEA, Ali-Asgh'ar Soltanieh, said that if his country is reported or referred to the council, it will begin "large scale enrichment" of uranium at its nuclear facility in Natanz."' and '"Iran has increased its cooperation with the IAEA and said that the Islamic republic cannot be referred simply for engaging in nuclear research and development."'

Not sure what he/they consider an increase in cooperation. Likely he means they have spoken about it; that could be considered an increase in cooperation.

"Iran's ambassador has said the accusations are without merit and blamed faulty intelligence."We are experiencing the same bitter experience as Iraq," Soltanieh said. "We've had 20 of these allegations and one by one [they] have been proven baseless."'

Luckily he has an example, but next touts the same line that many have, although the reality may be different. '"He noted the failure of U.S. intelligence to determine that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction prior to the U.S.-led invasion."' That is a mighty convenient one. Whereas Iraq had roughly 15 years to comply and did not, yet Bush and the U.S. only get a few. Good one.

Just being paranoid? Watch the world change with their acquiring nukes. It won't be pretty.


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