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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Furor Over Cartoons (Ink-quisition) Pits Muslim Against Muslim - New York Times

Furor Over Cartoons Pits Muslim Against Muslim - New York Times: "'What brings more prejudice against Islam, these caricatures or pictures of a hostage-taker slashing the throat of his victim in front of the cameras, or a suicide bomber who blows himself up during a wedding ceremony?'" - Jordanian journalist Jihad Momani.

Ouch, give us more of this reality from that part of the world; refreshing and a step in the right direction.

Although, the reaction wasn't too promising, "To illustrate their points, both editors published selections of the drawings — and for that they were arrested and threatened with prison."

'"I keep hearing, 'Why are liberals silent?' " said Said al-Ashmawy, an Egyptian judge and author of books on political Islam. "How can we write? Who is going to protect me? Who is going to publish for me in the first place? With the Islamization of the society, the list of taboos has been increasing daily. You should not write about religion. You should not write about politics or women. Then what is left?"' That pretty much sums it up for the freedom of speech missing.

"Jordanian officials expelled Hamas leaders years ago and saw their recent victory as a potential threat to national stability." Odd? Hamas a "potential threat?"

Monani, the Jordanian journalist facing jailtime, when asked why he published some cartoons said, '"that it was the work of journalists to inform, and that he did so after speaking to many people who were outraged without ever seeing the cartoons. I am telling my people, 'Be rational, think before you go into the streets. Who harms Islam more? This European guy who paints Muhammad or the real Muslim guy who cuts a hostage's head off and says, 'Allah-u akbar?' Who insults our religion, this guy or the European guy?"'

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