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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hugh Hewitt - Iraq's Docs - post regarding article by Stephen Hayes

Hugh Hewitt - Iraq's Docs

On February 14th, the "Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, released 28 captured al Qaeda documents in connection with the publication of a study called, Harmony and Disharmony: Exploiting al Qaeda's Organizational Vulnerabilities." All told, according to Hayes, there are roughly 2 million documents or "exploitable items." Of those 3% or roughly 50,000 items have been fully reviewed.

3% of these documents being reviewed is like, according to Hugh Hewitt, "Imagine a stranger to America and baseball being given partial sets of stats on three different seasons from the '90s, a few tapes of Hall of Fame induction ceremonies from the '80s, two chapters of Ford Frick's memoir, Games, Asterisks and People: Memoirs of a Lucky Fan, and the September and October, 2005 issues of the sports page of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and then being asked to write up a history of the last 40 years of major league baseball." Hewitt adds, "The writer would get a lot correct, and almost certainly would produce a very distorted account full of gaps and also errors."

I found Hugh's example most fitting and should give those with doubts about WMDs, Iraq, Hussein and al Qaeda pause.

ABC News Nightline, has an exclusive according to Hayes, that includes "12 hours of tape of Saddam Hussein in meetings with top aides." Some very interesting information will be revealed, but still only the tip of the iceburg. If I understand correctly, Nightline aired last night 2/15, yet I can't seem to find anything much about this with the exception of ABC itself (and Newsweek). Is no one interested? Is it because we all know better now and that as Stephen Hayes said in his piece, some see it as a "smoking gun," and "others are dismissing the tapes as old news and insignificant."

One of those in the dismissing column are Newsweek, which Stephen Hayes linked to, "Saddam Tapes: What They Don't Prove," from the obscure "periscope" section.

"Saddams tapes, what they don't prove;" where is the curiosity that you would expect of those in the media? Newsweeks Periscope devotes a whopping 175 words to the subject.


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