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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hugh Hewitt: Not a Civil War in Iraq

Hugh Hewitt: February 19, 2006 - February 25, 2006 Archives

Hugh Hewitt links to Bill Roggio at "The Fourth Rail," with "an extesive list of" signs or indicators that a true civil war is or would be underway in Iraq.

Roggio points out that, "By all indications, the situation in Iraq is tense, and the threat of continued violence is real. The possibility of a full-scale civil war is quite real as emotions are running high over the destruction of the revered Shiite shrine and the retaliation against Sunni mosques." However, this is, regardless of it not being pretty, not a civil war until a "list of main indicators," have been reached.

The list is quite extensive and I do not want to seem naive that things are not good, but I also do not want to be naive in assuming all is lost and that "a civil war is underway."

Note, please forgive my struggle with english as a first language today; I'm feeling a bit dim.


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