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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

U.N. Security Council - Report on Iran from IAEA - ACTION & ACCOMPLISHMENT

"But it remains unknown what action, if any, the Security Council will take should Iran fail to cooperate with the nuclear watchdog."

...should Iran fail to cooperate....uh, er, pretty sure the lack of cooperation has been proceeding apace.

One needn't worry about what action or actions will be taken by the U.N., the U.N. will succeed as they always do.

It just depends upon your definition of the word "action," is. These, from Merriam Webster on-line pretty much cover it (with some additional imbellishment): 3 : the manner or method of performing; 5a : a thing done : DEED b : the accomplishment (or lack thereof) of a thing usually over a period of time, in stages, or with the possibility of repetition, (keys being "repitition and "over a period of time); 6b (2) : the unfolding of the events of a drama or work of fiction;

In all fairness (not sure why), each step in their process is an "accomplishment." Unfortunately this is what the U.N. must remember (to add to their list of "accomplishments" see accomplishment), so that when in the end they ultimately do not "accomplish," what they initially set out to do, it no longer matters due to their long list of accomplishments along the way. (U.N. selfless, yet self-congratulatory, shoulder dislocating, back pat here)

Accomplish: 1 : to bring about (a result) by effort (usually as little as possible, also remember each piece makes some kind of "whole" don't see "whole" but do see 3: ); 3 : to succeed in reaching (as far up ones bureaucratic *ss as possible, usually head first) (a stage in a progression) starve before accomplishing half the distance -- W. H. Hudson died 1922> (also see UN Oil for Food).

To the U.N. and it's IAEA - Congratulations on your latest accomplishment!!!!!


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