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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Byron York on Fitzgerald Investigation on National Review Online

Byron York on Fitzgerald Investigation on National Review Online: "One of the mysteries of the CIA-leak case involves the series of events through which the publication of CIA employee Valerie Wilson's identity led to a Justice Department investigation, which in turn led to the appointment of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. Just how did that process work? Was it influenced by political pressure? Was there a consensus of opinion that an investigation should go forward or was it a matter of some debate?"

This has been an interesting snafu, as many "special prosecutor" investigations go. Rarely do they ever end where they originally intended to, which could be the case since you get appointed, investigate, spend money and are expected to have an outcome; other than nothing happened.

The basis of this "special prosecution" that has always bothered me has been whether or not Plame/Wilson (name this week?) was even a "secret" operative of the CIA. I have always been of the opinion that this might be a good place to start an investigation.

That said, it was the "leak" was the initial starting point which is why Scooter Libby's attorneys have requested in the past and continue to request information on Valerie Wilson/Plame's (name this week?) status at the CIA and what if any proof of damage there has been to national security.

Byron York reveals some interesting questions based on where this all seems to be going (who has a clue where it's going, but I'm glad we're paying for it).

I have no conclusions based on any of this with the exception of how it started and how it ended up where it did. Perhaps Libby is guilty of perjury and obstruction, but this is a far cry from where it started. But that of course depends upon what the meaning of the word "started" is.


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