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Thursday, March 23, 2006

CNN.com - American and his girlfriend arrested in hotel bombings - Mar 22, 2006

CNN.com - American and his girlfriend arrested in hotel bombings - Mar 22, 2006: "An American man and his Uruguayan girlfriend were arrested Wednesday, accused of killing two people and injuring at least seven with bombs that severely damaged two hotels."

The first reaction would be that this is some type of terrorist attack/attempt. The next reaction is as authorities believe right now, "officials quickly discounted terrorism as a motive, saying the bombers appeared to be criminally insane. The possible motives behind these attacks are incomprehensible. There don't seem to be any concrete objectives other than causing deaths."

Although, you have to love President Morales' remark, '"this American was putting bombs in hotels, the U.S. government fights terrorism, and they send us terrorists."' It takes all kinds, but lets not make it plural since one of them is from Uruguay.

Granted the article doesn't overdo it, but they like to point out that he is an "American" as in, "overweight, pony-tailed American and his girlfriend." I know I'm being oversensitive here but, I would have preferred, "overweight, pony-tailed American and his Uruguan girlfriend." Or better yet, they could have PC'd it up a bit with, "of size, pony-tailed American and his Uruguan girlfriend."

Regardless, this is an non-good move on this turds part; let them do with him what they do.


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