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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

CNN.com - Islamic preacher�ripped for reform push - Mar 20, 2006

CNN.com - Islamic preacher�ripped for reform push - Mar 20, 2006: "In the process, Khaled is sometimes telling the faithful what they're not used to hearing from clerics -- that Muslims aren't blameless in tensions, that the West is not always bad and that dialogue is better than confrontation"

Nice of CNN to give him some PR. More voices of this nature are necessary, but doubtless a challenge. His sermons avoid politics and stress God's mercy, discussing being a "good Muslim while still enjoying the activities of modern life." His message has appealed to young people, which is an extremely positive step.

Using the modern medium of TV and perhaps the internet for this more accepting forward looking message would be a welcome change from the terrorists abuse of them.

More about the "Telecleric" at Yemen Times from 2004 here. His official website here (you just might find it difficult to read). Unfortunately with some searching there isn't much more.


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