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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

CNN.com - Kerry seeks to block Bush's highways nominee - Mar 14, 2006

CNN.com - Kerry seeks to block Bush's highways nominee - Mar 14, 2006: "Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry said Tuesday he will prevent the former head of Boston's $14.6 billion 'Big Dig,' Richard Capka, from becoming head of the Federal Highway Administration."

Headline - "Kerry seeks to get his name in the News"

Senator Kerry, said "I'm afraid Richard Capka could be the Brownie of highways." Using the nickname "Brownie" is supposed to send up red flags and likely it will. Unfortunately, this appears to be nothing more than the usual from JFK2not.

President Bush's nomination of Richard Capka to the position as head of the Federal Highway Administration, has JFK2not all in a hissy. Kerry yesterday said, "Why on earth would he get a promotion? It looks like the administration is going to repeat a stunning pattern of rewarding people who screw up."

Kerry's concern arises from Capka's having been the CEO of the "Big Dig," from January '01 to June of '02; during which time "costs rose slightly" on the project. According to CNN, "rose slightly" is from a "believed" $14 billion "when Capka took the helm," to $14.6 billion when he left the position. Congress allocated $755 million to the project back in 1990. According to the MA Turnpike Authority (MTA) the project cost was estimated at $14.075 billion in the "CA/T Project: Finance Plan Update" of October 1, 2000; as of December 2001, the cost estimates were at $14.475 billion. Please feel free to peruse these documents if interested.

Bottom line is that this project and it's costs has continually risen since it's beginning. Capka is not the first to go either; for example according to Reference.com James Kerasiotes was fired as chairman in 2000. I am not stating this in defense of Capka or Bush as much as I question anything coming from the mouth of JFK2not.

According to CNN, "Matthew Amorello, chairman of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, which manages the still-to-be-completed Big Dig, said Capka had to deal with a difficult political climate in the state. A toll increase to pay for the Big Dig "was dominating public debate here."

But, "Kerry remembers the situation differently."

Doesn't JFK2not remember EVERYTHING differently?


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