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Monday, March 27, 2006

CNN.com - Radio still uneasy with Dixie Chicks - Mar 27, 2006

CNN.com - Radio still uneasy with Dixie Chicks - Mar 27, 2006: "Not all big cities are playing it, though. WIL-FM in St. Louis, which hasn't had the Chicks in rotation since 2003, gave 'Not Ready to Make Nice' a trial run and decided against adding it to the playlist after listeners complained with calls and e-mails."

Basically if people are ready to hear them and enjoy it, by all means play it. But as the quote above indicates in St. Louis, they weren't ready. If it means alot to people that want to hear them then speak with your pocketbook or ear so to speak.

If I really cared who these turds were and enjoyed their music I would listen to a station that played them. Hopefully no one goes overboard and forces them being played everywhere; it should be up to a station and its listeners.


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