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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

CNN.com - Who are the illegal immigrants? - Mar 29, 2006

CNN.com - Who are the illegal immigrants? - Mar 29, 2006: "Who are the illegal immigrants?"

"The Pew Hispanic Center, a research organization in Washington, estimates there are as many as 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States, though researchers acknowledge they are difficult to count."

Yes, they are difficult to count, however, if one decides that doing something about the open door is the first priority, they might be right. How these groups come up with the info they do is mindboggling when "they are difficult to count." We can do all that we want about illegal immigration, whether it is amnesty, citizenship with the requirement of going home first or not; but none of these things will resolve the future.

I'm not going to quote all the statistics, i.e. "more likely than American citizens to hold jobs but less likely to have high school diplomas," but it is striking that numbers can be arrived at if they are undocumented.

Hopefully you can derive from what I have written that I am not even discussing the various plans on the table; I'd love to and might later. But so much of what people are talking about is what to do about the people here now. While that is definately worthy and realistic of discussion it still does not address the actual border.


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