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Thursday, March 23, 2006

LexisNexis News - US is to blame for Iran Crisis

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From what I can find out online, BusinessWorld Publishing Corporation is a Phillipine company and the author, Bernardo V. Lopez of the piece referenced herein is a columnist for that entity.

"There is no one to blame for the Iranian nuclear belligerence but the US itself for arming Israel with nukes, as claimed by an Israeli spy last year. In the eyes of the Arabs, this in itself sanctifies and justifies their moves and forces them towards nuclear armaments, by hook or by crook, to achieve an equalizer in the name of self-preservation."

The author questions where the U.S. gets the nerve that it has nukes, supports Israel's nukes, yet denies others nukes. I can remember a time when I wondered myself, though I was much younger and more idealistic in those days. By saying that I do not mean to imply the author is some snot nosed child, but he obviously has a different point of view on this than I do. Perhaps it's his geographic location that brings him to his conclusions, bottomline, he doesn't care for us much.

Initially I thought this was written by an anti-U.S. American, but I'm relieved to see that it is not, although it does fit with the Michael Moore crowd.

Here's the rub; the issue with Iran is not nukes, but oil. Sound familiar? According to the author, only Israel is concerned about nukes. I guess there is nothing to be concerned about with regard to Iran having nuclear weapons.

I hate to be a turd here, but I'm pretty much done with this piece as it really isn't worth it. I'm sure someone might have some use for the "facts" in the article.


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