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Friday, March 03, 2006

TIME.com: Exclusive: "20th Hijacker" Claims That Torture Made Him Lie -- Page 1

TIME.com: Exclusive: "20th Hijacker" Claims That Torture Made Him Lie -- Page 1: "Mohammad al-Qahtani, held in Guantanamo and touted by the U.S. as a major informant, is taking it all back, his lawyer says. PLUS: for the first time, TIME.com publishes a secret, 84-page record of his interrogation"

Why do so many still insist on treating these people as criminal cases? Why do so many still, like Time think they shouldn't be in "legal limbo, never charged with a crime, unrepresented by legal counsel and without any recourse to U.S. courts?"

What I find unsettling is Time's excitement, "Now, in an eyewitness account of al-Qahtani at Guantanamo, his recently appointed American lawyer tells TIME that al-Qahtani has repudiated all of his previous statements — claiming they were extracted under brutal torture." Who is the "eyewitness?" Another detainee? Would I believe one of these people? al-Qahtani's attorney? Would I believe one of those people?

Do I believe this person was tortured and just told interrogators what they wanted to hear? No. Does Time believe it? It sounds like that is the case.

Do I believe interrogations can go overboard at times? Yes. Do I care? Somewhat, but not too much. I don't believe for a moment that none of these individuals belong at Gitmo. The msm does not hesitate to believe the word of a "terrorist." The msm does not hesitate to believe that the president is a liar. The msm and others (DeMediacrats perhaps), flipped out when revelations of the no longer secret, NSA wiretaps/Domestic Spying/Domestic Surveillance, because the government shouldn't be monitoring things suspicious to do with al Quaeda and other groups. To them, the government has the means to spy on every little thing we say or do and does; as though it has the time. Yet, the government, with all this power and information easily in it's grasp does not have the goods on detainees. They must be assumed to be innocent unfortunates in the grasp of the good old evil U. S. of A.


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