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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Border Control - Mexico: Deport them on the spot

Border Control - Mexico: Deport them on the spot

To the post below I add that the Mexican government frowns upon illegal immigration into it's sovereign territory, however they do allow illegal entry from their southern border, but only if they are just passing through beyond their northern border. They also make sure that this is what those individuals do.

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Mexico enjoys dictating to the U.S. what its immigration policy should be. As thousands of illegals rallied to demand amnesty, it is enlighting to contrast how Mexico would react to the protests: mass deportation.

The Mexican enabling guide to illegal entry:

The guide’s recommendations on how to avoid detection once in the U.S. are equally no-nonsense: do keep your daily routines stable, to avoid calling attention to yourself; don’t engage in domestic violence—the Marvel comic–type illustration shows a macho man, biceps bulging, socking a woman a big one in the jaw. Don’t drink and drive because it could result in deportation if you’re arrested.


The Mexican government will push to control as much U.S. immigration policy as it can get away with. It’s up to American officials to stop such interference, but the Bush administration simply winks at foreign attacks on immigration laws that it itself refuses to enforce. President Bush should worry less about upsetting his friends at Los Pinos and more about listening to the American people: illegal immigration, they believe, is an affront to the rule of law and a threat to American security. It can and must be stopped.

Exactly what I have been saying, exactly what you have been saying. But, will the President listen? I doubt it and in the interrim the debate moves on.

More to come.


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