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Thursday, April 13, 2006

CNN-Another Soprano Joins the Chorus of General Officers calling for Rumsfelds Head

Another general has "joined the chorus" in call for the retirement of Donald Rumsfeld. How many does it take to make a "chorus?"

"I feel he has micromanaged the generals...." "I feel" is an opinion, although there is nothing wrong with opinions, this day and age is filled to the brim with those that retire/leave/whatever and cannot wait to throw in their two cents.

"Swannack, who served more than 30 years in the Army, said part of the problem at the Pentagon is Rumsfeld's system of promoting senior leaders." "He (Rumsfeld) personally is the one who selects the three-star generals to go forward to the president for the Senate to confirm."

Sounds like this TWO STAR is a little unhappy that he didn't go further. Who, in any organization does not have a gripe or thinks this, that or the other thing can be done better. My big mouth right now is a prime example, although I certainly don't have the credentials of Gen. Charles Swannack, so perhaps I should just shut up. But I won't, not yet.

So now there are five generals that feel things have not gone well or Rumsfeld or the administration is failing in Iraq or elsewhere. How many generals are there in the military? Not to belittle Swannack (although I am), his opinion only means so much in a sea of officers.

'"When decisions are made without taking into account sound military recommendations, sound military decision-making, sound planning, then we're bound to make mistakes," Batiste told "American Morning" on Wednesday.' Only Batiste's recommendations should be taken into account I guess. What happens if Swannack and Batiste don't agree? Do they run to the media and say that the other is wrong? Or do we only know for sure what was wrong or didn't quite work out after action? 20/20 baby, it's great!!!

I many sound like I am defending Rumsfeld and I'm not. Do I think he is doing a good job? It seems as though he is doing alright, but I certainly don't know if someone could do better, but if they could I wouldn't lose sleep over the Rumster stepping aside. That said, I'm quite tired of the MSM going off as though this is some horrifying scandal that speaks to the uselessness of the administration and this country's job in Iraq. I don't think military people having different opinions than their leaders has changed so much, but the present day individuals that sound off to the media are certainly growing.

Now everyone that has an opinion gets to go in front of the media and be it's most recent darling to be shoved down our throats. Remember MacArthur? Well it seems everyone wants to be one these days. If it's just for them, where has their honor gone.
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