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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

David Frum's Diary Alternative Universe on National Review Online

David Frum's Diary on National Review Online

David Frum's concern is that it may be old news posting on an oped from Sunday. I figure, if this guy gets paid and can do it, why can't I forward it out there?

Every one has a take on alternate universes; there is nothing overly unique about writing about them, but they do exist.

I've posted in reaction previously here, but as I am a very small fish in a huge fishbowl my opinion matters very little. But when Frum comments on something written by the likes of Richard Clarke (Clinton former counter-terrorism chief) and Steven Simon (Sr Dir for counter-terrorism) it's worth a read.

Why would people of such seeming stature twist reality so? What are they trying to hide, or better yet what do they expect by hiding it? Do they really see things this differently?

Interesting breakdown of various paragraphs of the oped.

"If it's not too late by blogosphere time, I want to return to this, the Clarke & Simon oped on Iran that ran in the New York Times on Sunday: "Bombs That Would Backfire."

Clarke is Richard Clarke, the author of Against All Enemies, and Bill Clinton's one-time counter-terrorism chief on the National Security Council. Steven Simon was senior director for counter-terrorism, also on the Clinton National Security Council. You might imagine that men with such backgrounds would be steeped in the grim realism of secret war. Perhaps they once were. Today, though, they seem to be living in some alternative universe.

Let's go line by line:...." MORE


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