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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Immigrants (Illegals?) Rally in Scores of Cities for Legal Status

This march, the "latest in recent weeks in response to a bill passed in the House that would speed up deportations, tighten border security and criminalize illegal immigrants."

Doesn't the NYTimes see the irony here? Imagine criminalizing "illegal immigration."

The gathering of 10s of thousands in cities across the U.S. "suggested that the millions of immigrants who have quietly (illegally) poured into this country over the past 16 years, most of them Hispanic, may be emerging as a potent political force."

Ruben Arita, a 30-year-old illegal immigrant, "said he was marching for the first time because he wanted to push Congress to grant citizenship to people living here illegally and to recognize their struggles and their humanity." Forget that his first act was an illegal act. "We want to live without hiding, without fear. We have to speak so that our voices are listened to and we are taken into account." Something not possible in many other if not all other countries across the globe. Why should he now be taken into account? What entitlements does he and others like him demand after sneaking into the country?

Jaime Contreras, the president of the National Capital Immigration Coalition, an advocacy group said, "immigrants are coming together in a way that we have never seen before, and it's going to keep going." Yes, ways created by advocacy groups organizing people that would not have organized to this extent on their own. "This is a movement," he added, "we're sending a strong message that we are people of dignity. All that we want is to have a shot at the American dream." I cannot disagree that they are people of or with dignity, however, the demands seem a bit out of place.

Senator Lindsay Graham of SC said, "I understand clearly that the demographic changes are real in America and how we handle this issue in terms of fairness will be very important for the future of both parties." Fair to who Senator? Those born here? Those who have waited patiently for entry in this country by the legal, red tape means? Or a fairness that garners votes?

Fabian Rodriguez an illegal immigrant and one of those marching in Atlanta, GA said, "We are in the situation that Rosa Parks was in several years ago. Enough is enough."

How can one cause, that of civil rights be used as comparison with so many differences. Apples and oranges, but if it catches on well then we can redefine what we understand from our history. Black American citizens with no civil rights fighting for those civil rights as compared to "illegal immigrants" fighting for civil rights in a country that they are not citizens of. Not so much fighting even, but DEMANDING those rights.

In Madison, WI Maria Camacho attending the celebrations said, "no human being is illegal." That's right Maria, even removing one from the womb is not illegal here.

Korean War Memorial inside Wesley Bolin Park, Phoenix, AZ


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