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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kennedy Tactics on Immigration Vex Democrats Tactics of Obstruction

"Kennedy, the liberal leader and descendant of Irish immigrants, is back in the thick of another immigration fight, pushing strongly for a bipartisan compromise that would toughen border security while providing a route to legal status for millions of illegal residents. And some of the fight is with his own Democratic colleagues."

"Mr. Reid and his leadership team countered that the amendments were meant to derail the bill feared that without some assurances by Mr. Frist on negotiations with the House, the bill could be hijacked by Republicans."

As usual, the Democrats based their decisions on "fear," whether it is of Republicans or opinion polls. Unfortunately on the Immigration issue, Republicans seem to be running scared as well. Dems and Reid deal with the "what if" of issues too much and being the "conspiracy buffs" that they are, that does not bode well for progress.

As I've said before, none of these grand schemes will amount to anything substantive unless the border security issue is tightened.

As the NYTimes quoted and cited as though the words "could have been part of his speech Monday," Tedward said 40 years ago "we are the land of opportunity, our streets may not be paved with gold, but they are paved with the promise that men and women who live here — even strangers and newcomers — can rise as fast, as far as their skills will allow."

It sounds to me that Tedward's opinions on this haven't changed, nor do they when regarding the status of those that have entered the country illegally. Do we really want to follow those that see nothing wrong with breaking the law? Even if for the improvement of their family?

Tedward Kennedy does the Macarana while tripping on Spanish

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