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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Qaeda Video Vows Iraq Defeat for 'Crusader' U.S.

In an article from the New York Times (link at the end of this post), Zarqawi "refers to himself as "the brains of Al Qaeda in Iraq." To that, I say we need to make fun of this guy and his followers. This is not to make light of the death and mayhem they sow, but to let them know they are nothing and nobodies. For Zarqawi to consider himself the "brains" doesn't say much for him; killing as this group and others do, does not require "brains" as much as it does ignorance.

"The video predicted American "defeat and humiliation" while praising the insurgents in Iraq and urging them on, saying at one point, "They are slaughtering your children and shaming your women." Whereas, according to the "brains" of the operation they're......

"God almighty has chosen you to conduct holy war in your lands and has opened the doors of paradise to you," he said. "So mujahedeen, don't dare close those doors." So to hell with those Iraqis. This land is your land and they are only in the way. We will defeat the "crusaders" by wiping out as many Iraqis as we can; and this will bring the people to our side. You say to yourself, 'no wonder he is the "brains" of Al Qaeda in Iraq' and as me, I cannot disagree.

The video, titled "Address to the People," was part propaganda blast against the United States and President Bush, and part paean to the insurgency in Iraq. Why the use of the word "blast?" Is it really such a big deal that he has a video production company in Iraq? He is in the thick of things.

"It was not immediately clear why Mr. Zarqawi would release such a video now." But it is not our place to understand the genius of the "brains" of Al Qaeda in Iraq. Zarqawi knows best, which is why he has not so much been a directed force of bin Laden; but more of a drag to his P.R. machine. Bin Laden can no more control this maverick then he could any other of his off-shoots.

"We believe that any government made up of rejecter or godless Kurds or people who call themselves Sunnis is only a collaborators' government, and that it would be a sword in the Islamic nation's body," he said. So if Iraqis wish to move forward they need to do all they can to knock this group out. If they think it is bad now just think what it would be like without the "crusader" helping them out. Then Zarqawi and his girls could really get to work wreaking havoc and truly wiping out everyone they consider their enemy.

Zaq the Jack LaLane in Iraq
"The man in the video cuts a vigorous figure."

"When he holds up the heavy machine gun, he shows his bare forearms."

From the New York Times

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