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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Racist fringe darkens debate

We can assume that if not already, groups like CAII will be lumped in with losers like this.

The attacks, none physical, have darkened the backdrop for boycotts and
protests planned Monday across the country against a proposed new restrictive
immigration law.

I realize this type of thing "darkens the backdrop" but isn't the whole argument bizarre enough to invite this garbage? People assume they can march, close businesses down and demand rights for those that are not citizens and then think there will be no backlash. I don't get it.

Extreme actions have reactions, even the ugly ones.

From the San Francisco Chronicle

Displays of anti-immigrant and anti-Latino anger in California and across
the country have increased in the six weeks since massive immigrant rights
rallies began, and they’re injecting a new note of vitriol into the nation’s
immigration reform debate.

This ire — in radio commentaries, a computer game, Web sites and other
venues — gained visibility last week when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger publicized
“disturbing and hateful death threats” received by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio
Villaraigosa, Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante and other Latino officials. The attacks,
none physical, have darkened the backdrop for boycotts and protests planned
Monday across the country against a proposed new restrictive immigration law.
The angry messages don’t sit well with many mainstream immigration
restrictionists, including leaders of the Minuteman Project, whose members will
depart from Los Angeles on Wednesday on a cross-country lobbying tour for
tougher border control. And the elected officials on the receiving end
downplayed the anonymous messages, saying they get death threats from time to
time on a range of issues.

But immigrant advocates say taken all together, the hostility is an
ominous intrusion as Congress grapples with the steady flow of illegal
immigrants that has amounted to an estimated population of 12 million

“It is a definite sharpening of the debate and making it much more ugly
than we’ve seen in some time,” said John Trasviña, interim president of the
Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. “It does become a dangerous
situation … . I’m glad the governor raised people’s sensitivities about this.”

Bustamante received a pair of typed postcards early this month
postmarked in Pasadena that called him a “dirty Mexican” and other slurs and
said “The only good Mexican is a dead Mexican,” according to his press secretary
Stephen Green, who faxed one of the cards to The Chronicle.

“That’s a death threat, as far as we’re concerned,” Green said. This
and other threats against Bustamante have been turned over to the California
Highway Patrol for investigation.
“They seem to think he’s a Mexican,” Green
said. “Both he and his parents were born in the San Joaquin Valley.”

State Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez and Villaraigosa were targets of an
anti-Latino attack by a New York radio program. But Nuñez, D-Los Angeles, said
last week: “We don’t feel any threats by anyone. I just think it’s just people
who have a misguided view of the world.”

In Phoenix, a radio talk show host on KFYI lost his job this month for
suggesting on air that listeners “pick one night — every week — where we will
kill whoever crosses the border.” Brian James later told the Arizona Republic
that his remarks had been taken out of context. “I do not in any way advocate
shooting illegal immigrants,” James said.

Bloody computer


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