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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Smoking Gun - Gitmo Bay terrorists were held in Central Europe

Top News Article Reuters.com: "Three men newly freed from jail in Yemen have given detailed accounts to Amnesty International that suggest they may previously have been held at a secret U.S. prison in Eastern Europe, the rights group said on Wednesday.
Muhammad Bashmilah, Salah Qaru and Muhammad al-Assad spent 13 months in one secret facility before being flown to Yemen in May 2005 and imprisoned there until their release last month, Amnesty said in a report. "

According to Reuters, "Kathalijne Buitenweg, a Dutch Green member of the European Parliament investigation, said the detail on the prayer times was "definitely interesting" but did not amount to proof the men had been held in Europe."

Buitenweg also said it is not a smoking gun.

As for it's being "definitely interesting," I have to say, the TV show 24 is interesting too. What conspiracy theory isn't interesting?

This is subjective supposition is all many need as far as any "smoking gun" is concerned.


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