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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


It's more than a bit frustrating to hear your elected officials speaking in terms that denigrate your view on a particular subject. President Bush and other politicos overgeneralize the "plight" of the "migrant worker," while claiming those in favor of stricter border enforcement and/or no "amnesty by any name" for illegal entrants to the U.S. are overgeneralizing the debate.

When the argument does its best to avoid the word "illegal" to refer to something as "illegal" it is a likely bet nothing is going to be resolved.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin we can add another argument to the debate when she asks "where's the compassion?" from those that are asking that very question in behalf of illegal aliens. Where's the compassion for the victims of "undocumented worker" Angel Resendiz?

Where's the compassion for those legally awaiting their acceptance into this nation? Where's the compassion for those that have a real concern about the border security of this nation and the enforcement of it's laws only to see lawmakers ignoring them for votes? Where is the reality check to those that think this will be taken lying down?

If you haven't skipped all my blather to go directly to the post by Michelle Malkin, the link is here as well.

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