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Thursday, May 04, 2006

12 terrorists hunt Danish cartoonists - The InkQuisition Continues

There hasn't been much in the news these days regarding the uproar of a few months ago when islamofascists abused reality with the Danish Cartoons. It looks as though that it has not been forgotten by extremists according to Michelle Malkin who found an article of interest in the latest addition of WND.

WND is reporting that jihadists are traveling to Denmark to kill the 12 cartoonists who took a stand against dhimmitude last fall:

A dozen young terrorists have departed Afghanistan, bound first for Iran and then Europe, where their mission will be to hunt down the Danish cartoonists responsible for drawing anti-Muhammad sketches, according to a report in Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

The report was passed on by Hamid Mir, the Pakistani journalist who has interviewed al-Qaida leaders Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri and who just visited the no-man's land along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

While there, he was told by Taliban sources in south Waziristan that 12 young men – nine Afghans and three Pakistanis – are on their way to Europe to kill the Danish cartoonists. While some carry Afghan passports and others carry Iranian passports, all will travel through Iran on their way to Europe, he reports.

Wouldn't it be just like these guys to follow through like this. Is this a matter of honor or a belief in their religion? Or is it just a fanatical group that continues to attempt (pretty successfully I might add) cow the West with it bullying tactics?

Not much from the Prez of Iran on this lately either, although "interestingly, the daily killing and maiming of Palestinians by the Israeli occupation army raises no outcry in the West, especially in the United States, where the government and media are under strong Jewish influence." So given that and the fact that the extermination of 6 million plus Jewish people by the Nazi regime is a lie makes it fair game.

It appears that the Taliban cartoonist "hitmen" activity is just par for the course in the daily life of a threat that doesn't really exist; at least a threat that didn't exist until Bush created them all.

The Ink-Quisition Continues

From DeMediacratic Nation February 10, 2006
"When medieval people used the word "inquisition," they were referring to a judicial technique, not an organization. There was , in fact, no such thing as "the Inquisition" in the sense of an impersonal organization with a chain of command. Instead there were "inquisitors of heretical depravity," individuals assigned by the pope to inquire into heresy in specific areas……'"

When people in the 21st century, trapped in a medieval mindset, manipulated by hatefilled, hypocritical imams protest violently about cartoons; people use the word "Ink-quisition." MORE...
After a short hiatus, or msm inattention to more than one subject at a time; news peeks out that for extremists it is continuing. For the weak of mind lead by extreme imams the Danish Cartoon is their version of "Remember the Alamo."

The slight still stings or at least the excuse for more violence continues; likely in part due to the intransigence of the Iranian political leader. While the U.S.' political leaders and msm ignore the majority will of the American people about its southern border; while the people, U.S. political leaders and the msm gaily scapegoat Big Oil for the price of a gallon (includes government price gouging tax); while the msm and France continues it's games remiscent of Iraq but with slightly more nuance; the Ink-Quisition rolls on.

The battle lines were drawn a long time ago. The West; led astray by a lazy, partisan media, has been lulled into believing what the media believes is important and the truth. Rather than report it as it is, an alternate universe is touted daily allowing many to believe it is possible to return to the gay 90's of the 20th century.

This allows those that would do us harm, the ability to slowly chip away at what people of the U.S. and the West once cherished, but now cynically take for granted. A mushroom cloud generated by "peaceful nukes" is all it will take to get the ball really rolling.


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