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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Fallacy of Their Reality

OUCH!!! This is a great post from someone with the unique quality of "common sense." My small comment on this post below is in regard to "Manal Kawas" and his "minor offense." Not knowing what the "minor offense" is, one has to wonder what one considers a "minor offense" when entering and residing illegally in this country is considered a "minor offense" to many.

Cross posted from CommonSenseAmerica:

I am really tired of hearing that our government must accommodate those who have come to this country illegally. We hear that we must ‘bring them out of the shadows’ and ‘bring families together instead of tearing them apart’.

Here is a classic example:

WHO: Speakers include:

– Manal Kawas (New York) – Kawas is a legal permanent resident from Jordan whose children are U.S. citizens. Her husband is in detention and faces deportation for a minor offense.

– Henoc Moukoulou (Illinois) – Moukoulou arrived in the U.S. from Congo seeking asylum and was immediately sent to a county jail to await a decision in his case. He has recently been released from immigration detention.

– Anna Marmol (California) – Marmol is a former refugee from El Salvador and is now a permanent resident. She has a 16-year- old son facing deportation.

“These stories demonstrate how families can be shattered by laws that erode civil liberties and human rights,” stated David Lubell, state director of Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition and member of Rights Working Group. “Our elected officials need to enact laws that adhere to core American values of liberty and justice for all.”

Now that all sounds so touchy-feely compassionate but make no mistake, that is how they intend it to seem. Folks, let’s not allow those with open border agendas to pervert reality once again.

Let’s take a look at the fallacy of their reality. Their reality states that “families can be shattered by laws that erode civil liberties and human rights.” No, the law does not hurt anyone. The only problem these people have with our laws is that they got caught breaking them. The problem they have is that they are facing justice being served. Justice is a two way street meant to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.

Where is personal responsibility in their version of ‘reality’? These people made a deliberate decision to break our laws. They knew the ramifications at the time they crossed our border or overstayed their visas. They were willing to accept those terms and those realities - until they got caught. Now, they want to say the laws are unjust? To whom? They are not unjust to those who obey our laws. It seems they’ve never heard the old saying, “Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time”.

Their ‘reality’ also states that, “Our elected officials need to enact laws that adhere to core American values of liberty and justice for all.”

That sounds so very American and patriotic, doesn’t it? Except for the fact that ‘liberty and justice for all’ means just that. Literally. It’s not some gray area where anyone can avoid the law by claiming it doesn’t really apply to them or that because they broke the law, their family will suffer. There are many families that suffer because their loved ones break the law. Our prisons are full of murderers, rapists, and thieves. They all have families. Their families have been torn apart. Must we now open the doors of our prisons and give even our most heinous criminals amnesty because their families may suffer?

Illegal immigrants have taken ‘the liberty’ to be bold enough to illegally enter our nation, without permission and against our laws, and now they want to profess that “liberty and justice for all” includes the right for them to break those laws. Liberty protects freedom of speech, choice, thought, life, and liberty fights for freedom from captivity and slavery, but it never grants anyone the right to break the laws of any nation.

This is the ridiculous argument we’ve been hearing from pro-illegal immigrant rights groups all year. It is just another example of the fact that there are many of the millions of illegal immigrants who do not wish to assimilate into our society. Because, if they truly wished to assimilate, they would understand that nobody is above the law. Nobody. Every innocent person is to be treated fairly and every guilty person is to be punished fairly under our laws. That, my friend is the reality of liberty and justice for all.

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