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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lawsuit Challenges Ariz.'s Voter ID Rules

This kind of thing always burns my sphincter, not because the Violent one posted something from my home state before I did (everybody does, I'm just not aware enough of my surroundings and you likely would not have heard from me on this anyway), but because I voted for Prop 200 and those opposed to it always run this illogical argument.

Any time something is voted into place by the "PEOPLE" you get some group that whines about it; this is understandable, but only to a point. It is ludicrous to me that people should not be expected to prove THEY EXIST and that they are WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE!!!!!!!!

WHY DON'T WE ALL JUST VOTE ON-LINE FOR CRYING OUTLOUD!!!!!!!!! Sorry, that's probably coming next....

Cross posted from The Violence Worker:

This is just down right outrageous. From the Houston Chronicle:

PHOENIX — Hispanic groups on Tuesday filed a lawsuit asking a federal court to block and declare unconstitutional voter identification requirements imposed under a 2004 voter-approved state law.

Voter registration drives are being hindered by the law's mandate for registrants to submit documents proving their citizenship, the lawsuit said.

Isn’t that just too damn bad!

"The reality is that Proposition 200 erects more barriers to voting and discourages citizens from registering to vote," said Cynthia Valenzuela, MALDEF's director of litigation.

No, it discourages NON-citizens from voting and that is the real point. You want to register illegal immigrants and that pesky little law requiring proof of citizenship is getting in the way. Anyone really think she is telling the truth here? Anyone?

The state will fight the lawsuit and defend the voter-approved law, said Secretary of State Jan Brewer, the state's chief elections officer.

I hope so.


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