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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Retire Mexico

Fox has been barnstorming and asking for "decent treatment of our people."

To quote Lou Dobbs (thanks to InMuscatine):

Illegal aliens are more important to this Congress than securing our borders and our ports, more important than those legal immigrants who have waited in line and who follow the law. The Senate has added to the litany of lunacy that makes up what it calls reform: Illegal aliens would only have to pay back taxes on three of the past five years, they will not be prosecuted for felonies such as identity theft or purchasing or using fraudulent Social Security cards, and unlike millions of visa holders who have to leave the country to have them renewed, they may simply remain in the United States while this Congress and this president give away all the benefits and privileges of American citizenship.
Isn't that good enough Vinny?

So what is the deal with sending money back home......

Cross posted from CommonSenseAmerica:

One of the biggest divides in the immigration debate is whether or not to freely gift U.S. citizenship to over 12 million illegal immigrants already in this nation and their family members.

Did all of these people really come to America to become citizens? Or did they come merely to earn a better living and then return home?

We hear from one side of the debate that these people are just here to work and they should be treated with dignity and respect. That's fine with me. But out of the same mouths we hear that we should allow them to become citizens and thus have access to all of our Federal, State, and local benefits.

If the majority of these people simply come here to work, to send money back home, and to retire in the country of their origin, why is our Senate hell-bent on handing them guaranteed retirement benefits equal to that of American citizens.

The average wage in Mexico is approximately $70 to $100 per week. Our Social Security benefits are near $1,000 per month for even a modest workers income. So, these workers could retire quite nicely in Mexico courtesy of America.

The way I see it is that an illegal immigrant who had no intention of ever becoming an American citizen but wanted to work here for a time and then go home, would be an absolute fool to pass up this offer.

And don't think that the Mexican government hasn't thought about this one, folks.

The Washington Post

SALT LAKE CITY, May 24 -- Adding a voice from south of the border to the national debate on immigration, Mexican President Vicente Fox is barnstorming the western United States this week, arguing against fencing off the U.S.-Mexico border and asking Americans for "decent treatment of our people."

But the Mexican leader's most rapturous reception in Utah came in meetings with immigrants from Mexico and other Latin countries. Each time he met with groups of his countrymen, Fox told them that their long-term ties to Mexico will continue while they live and work in the United States.

"Even though you are far from Mexico, you are an integral part of Mexico," Fox said at the rally here on Tuesday. "Over there, we wait for you with open arms."

There are a couple of fantastic benefits to the Mexican government in this bogus "earned citizenship", amnesty program.

First, of course, is the fact that Mexico now depends on the monies sent home by its citizens as their remittances have become the nations largest source of income for Mexico.

Second, Mexico allows its citizens to obtain dual citizenship and calls on their citizens to vote in the interest of Mexico at the polls in America.

Third, Mexico will welcome home, "with open arms", all of its citizens who wish to bring their Social Security payments from America.

Yes, this amnesty bill is great news and offers fantastic economic and political perks for Mexico and its citizens.

Would someone please remind our Senators that they were elected to protect the economic and political needs of America?

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