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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Syrian President backs Ahmadinejad's Peaceful Nukes

I am an idiot
Todays Islamic Republic News Agency has this little tidbit for us:

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that it is the legitimate rights of all countries including the Islamic Republic of Iran to benefit from nuclear energy to go ahead with national development plans.

Lambasting the unilateral interference of big powers in international fora, President al-Assad said the move would weaken credit and prestige of international organizations.

Lauding Iran's constructive role to restore peace and security in the region, he said that regular visits of Iranian officials to the countries in the region is very positive to bolster mutual ties and foil conspiracies of the enemies.

Or lauding Iran's "destructive role...."

You have to stick close to those that will have the weapons one day. I like the "unilateral" part.

UPDATE: see Atlas Shrugs for the third spoke in the Axis of Evil with, "Iran: A Dark Cloud is Looming"


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