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Friday, May 12, 2006

UN, Kofi Annan: US Must Come to the Table with Iran

E L Frederick brought an interesting comment from Kofi Annan to my attention today.

“I’ve asked all sides to lower their rhetoric and intensify their diplomatic efforts to find a solution,'’ Annan said at a briefing in Vienna. “I think it’s important that the United States comes to the table.'’
Always the man of diplomacy, Secretary Annan and his UN, through nuances actions can accomplish whatever they set out to; Iraq is a fine example.

While the beligerant and obstinate US insists upon intense rhetoric before coming to the table; if it comes to the table at all it would be without washing its hands, proving once again it is a nation of infidels. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his leadership follows up his letter to President Bush with its usual diplomatic flair.

According to IRNA, Ahmadinejad on a trip to Indonesia, in response to the suspension of enrichment said:
Iran will agree to suspend the process only if all those having access to nuclear fuel will suspend theirs and let their relevant facilities be inspected. Otherwise, we do not find it necessary to suspend our uranium enrichment and consider the call for it as unfair and will continue to reject it.
I believe this is where Mr. Annan comes in to smooth feathers, even the playing field and make things fairer.

While still in Indonesia, President Ahmadinejad "addressed officials and staff of Indonesia's second largest Muslim organization, Muhammadiyah." IRNA:

Stressing that Marxism and liberalism have failed to take a positive step for mankind, the visiting president said the challenges facing the world should be solved by a fundamental solution only provided by Islam.

He added that Indonesia and Iran were pioneers of justice-seeking movements in the world as the former is the largest Muslim state of the world and the latter is the frontier of the anti-hegemony campaign.

As it's Friday, IRNA reported on:
Substitute Friday Prayers Leader of Tehran Ayatollah Ahamd Jannati, addressing hundreds of worshipers at Tehran University reiterated, "the letter is spectacular, and when I say it is an inspiration from God, I really believe in it."
"I suggest everyone to read this letter. It should be read at schools and universities, and repeatedly broadcast from the country's radio and TV networks."
Addressing the US according to IRNA:
"You keep telling lies, your actions are so self-contradictory, you claim to be Christians and the followers of Jesus Christ, you boast to much speaking of human rights and democracy, but your conduct in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world show your real nature that is quite different with those claims."

"Iran believes in rule of logic, in acting moderately, and in rationalism," adding, "We are neither very powerful, nor after exerting our hegemony against anyone."

He said that the other message of the letter was that Iran can clearly analyze the world affairs, while the Americans' analysis of them is wrong.
Iran's former chief nuclear negotiator, Hassan Rowhan, who earlier this week addressed a letter to diplomats at Time magazine, the letter according to IRNA said:
"Three years of robust inspection of Iranian nuclear and non- non-nuclear facilities by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) inspectors led Dr. (Mohamed) ElBaradei (IAEA head) to conclude and certify that to date there are no indications of any diversion of nuclear material and activities toward making a bomb.

Iran is prepared to work with the IAEA and all states concerned about promoting confidence in its fuel cycle program. But Iran cannot be expected to give in to United States bullying and non-proliferation double standards."
According to IRNA, President Ahmadinejad has made his way to the D-8 Summit (Group of 8 developing Muslim countries), and said before the group:

"No government that practices oppression can remain in power for so long," he said, adding that it "is doomed to crumble." The nature of the Zionist regime is that it thrives on threats and intimidation, the president said.

Referring to the concern expressed by western countries over his remarks about Israel, he said he was merely stating the truth, and urged countries who were threatened by his remarks to end their support for the cruel regime and see what would happen.

"Today, the occupied lands under the Zionist regime have been turned into a large prison and military camp. Liberalism has surrendered itself to the Zionist regime," he said.

After delivering a speech at a gathering of the educated, students and instructors at University of Jakarta, the President in response to a students query regarding the insistence of "peaceful" nuclear technology, IRNA reports these remarks from the wise man:
"There are many bullying countries, whose arsenals are full of nuclear and chemical weapons. They launch war anywhere in the world and use a variety of weapons. Besides, they have equipped many states, in particular the Zionist regime, with various types of nuclear arms."

The president said this proves that they are not worried about nuclear weapons, given that they test a new weapon every day and threaten world nations with these weapons. "In view of this, how can they oppose nuclear weapons?"

He noted that in fact, what they oppose is the scientific progress of nations such as Iran and Indonesia, given their will for monopoly on science and technology to be used as a medium for hegemony over the world nations.

"In fact, our resistance is a move to preserve our independence, given that any nation yielding its rights will certainly have to suffer from the consequences of dependence" additionally, another reason for the resistance of the Iranian nation is to defend the rights of all nations.

This all necessitates the United States shrugging off it's obstinance to broker the peace with Iran and its President Mahmoud George Washington Ahmadinejad. (PBUH)


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