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Friday, May 05, 2006

Weekly Friday Sermon from Iran - US, UN can't "bully" Iran

Ahmad Khatami - Expert
Looks like this is a regular subject in the Republics Friday prayer meetin's. Last Friday, the Interim Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani had some advice for the West.

This week the cleric who sits on the Assembly of Experts, Ahmad Khatami took the Iranian version of the Karaoke mike.

Some quotes from an Iranian man of God via Reuters:

"Iran will not be pushed into abandoning its nuclear fuel work by United States pressure or a United Nations resolution."

"The U.S. and the Security Council can rest assured that Iran is not a country to retreat in the face of bullying resolutions."

"If you take the path of confrontation instead of the path to negotiations ... you should know that the reaction of the great Iranian nation will be something that the enemy will regret for ever."
I'm uncomfortable being bullied into negotiations. PBUH -

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