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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What Makes Anyone Think It Was A Mistake?

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One of the most common memes lately is how the first demonstrations in support of Illegal Aliens, and some aspects of the later ones were mistakes.

Immigration Activists To Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory
One constant in the immigration protests this year has been the ability of the activists to sabotage their own position. With the White House and the Senate poised to deliver most of their agenda, they overreacted to the House proposal and staged a number of demonstrations that proved so provocative that it undermined their allies in both places. Many of these protests specifically targeted George Bush, although he opposed the House bill and had worked for normalization for years.
My opinion of that reaction, is that those who hold it have not reflected upon the origins of these demonstrations.

What makes them think it was a mistake?

As I pointed out in Pinko De Mayo
All we have to do is look at the main organisation that organised these demonstrations

{ I used red fonts here because it is so appropriate}

AMSWER is a MARXIST organization, whatever gave anyone the idea that such a body cares about improving the life of individual people? The Hundred Plus Million slaughtered by Marxism over its reign? The shining example of the New York Times Star Reporter who covered up the HOLODOMOR Genocide in Ukraine under Stalin and who is reported to have said, when asked how he could justify his actions if not as a Human Being, then as a Journalist,
"The deaths of a few tens of millions of peasants are of no consequence, when weighed against the Future Victory of the Revolution"??
You think I exagerate??

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