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Friday, June 16, 2006

Al Gore to Train 1,000 to Deliver Inconvenient Half-Truths

Morning Coffee on the 13th of this month had a heads up to the Al Gore announcement to train
1,000 volunteers to spread across the country spouting one side of a scientific debate.....

How does "An Inconvenient Truth" deal with the inconvenient truth? This guy could have been president.....

From Morning Coffee:

Al Gore hopes to train 1,000 messengers he hopes will spread out across the country and present a slide show about global warming that captures the essence of his Hollywood documentary and book.

The former vice president, a Democrat, said on Monday that by the end of the summer he would start a bipartisan education campaign to train 1,000 people to give a version of his slide show on global warming featured in the film "An Inconvenient Truth" and book of the same name.

Full Story Here More from the Culture of Deception

Tell a lie long enough and often enough people will begin to accept it as fact.

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**Image from the June 19th 2006 Vol. LVIII, No. 11 issue of National Review


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