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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Illegal Aliens Taking Jobs Fighting Fires

Hey, I'm all for people jumping in to assist with putting out forest fires; but it looks as though there is a bit of an issue with regard to equal opportunity employment.

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I just watched a gentleman on Fox News who was a supervisor for Bush Fire Fighters and he was demoted for not being able to speak spanish. He said 35-45% of the fire fighters he has trained were hispanics who only speak spanish. Hmm, I wonder if they could be here

He went on to explain they are hiring more and more hispanics because the contracts for fighting the fires are bided on and the lower the bid, the more points you get. See, they are paying the illegals less money so they can bid lower.

So, this U.S. Citizen lost his job because of illegal alien invaders, this makes me sick.

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