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Friday, June 23, 2006

What Does Torture Have To Do With "Immigration" ... ?

Everything has to do with everything. All is tied into all. It's exactly the same only totally different. This is the logic of those that are able to tie any example as being related to their cry.

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The broken bodies of Pfc. Kristian Menchacha and aren't even home yet -- but just as insurgents mangled their bodies, US liberals cannot wait to hammer their deaths into political soap boxes for various causes.

For example, the WisconsinState Journal rushes to score points on the immigration issue:

In the midst of the justifiable outrage we all feel about the torture and death of two American soldiers in Iraq and in the compassion and sympathy we feel for their families, one little fact seems to have gone almost unnoticed.

When Maria Vasquez, the mother of one of the fallen soldiers, Kristian Menchaca, issued a brief statement to the press saying "I am against the war and I feel very hurt by what happened to my son," she did so in Spanish.

Vasquez is a Mexican immigrant to this country. I have no idea what her legal status is and I don't know how well she speaks English. The only thing I know - after searching quite a number of sources - is that her public statements have been in Spanish
. (does anyone really believe that the writer here is really outraged by the incidents; that first paragraph is phoney baloney -- FB)

Menchacha died fighting for America. As far as I'm concerned, his mother's immigration status doesn't matter.

But, the guy who wrote this, and the editors that passed it along, seem to have posted the above article to induce a certain sense of guilt in who they imagine is the "anti-immigrant" crowd. And know what -- it's a crock.

During WW2, the parents of slain American GI's may have spoken Polish, Spanish, Italian or even German. But those slain were honored for their sacrifice. Illegal immigration were not even a question then, and when it comes to the military, it should not be a question now. These guys died for America, and they died horribly, and that's all we need to know.

We do not need cheap shots. We need to take a breath and support the families, in the universal language of grief. Here's a link to a KGBT 4 Station, where you can express support for Pfc Menchaca's family, and here's link for a Pfc. Thomas Tucker memorial fund.

Notice how the national media reported the story a day or so ago, then dropped it. The big news in the NYT's, and its acolytes, is how "Bank Data Is Sifted by U.S. in Secret to Block Terror!!!" and thus another fairly effective counter-terrorism program bites the dust.

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