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Monday, July 10, 2006

Fla. cities propose laws on Illegal Immigrants

These folks in Florida must be some of those "ultraconservatives" we hear so much about. I'm confused about Hispanics in support of this type of effort. Are they not considered truly Hispanic if they are Conservative or support reform of this type? Is it ok to refer to them as "racist?"

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Some Florida cities are not waiting for a national answer on what to do about illegal immigration, and are planning to vote this month on proposed local laws dealing with undocumented immigrants.

In Brevard County, the Palm Bay Council will consider a fine for businesses that hire workers without legal residency status.

In Highlands County, officials in Avon Park are considering banning undocumented immigrants from renting houses, as well as fines for businesses. Avon Park, where nearly one in five residents is Hispanic, is also considering requiring all city documents and other communications be only in English.

''Since there's a stalemate on any kind of (federal) reform, someone has to pick up the ball for constituents,'' Palm Bay Councilman Andy Anderson told The Tampa Tribune. His proposal would levy a $200 fine on businesses in the city that hire undocumented workers.

Palm Bay and Avon Park are modeling their proposed laws after similar measures in Hazelton, Pa., which gained national attention for its own crackdown on illegal immigration.

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The Senate and House are holding public "hearings" around the country discussing illegal immigration. NYC Mayor Bloomberg was invited to speak at one last week in Philadelphia. Perhaps inviting the mayors of some of these smaller communities should also be considered.

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