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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Time Magazine - Are Israel's Attacks Winning New Support for Hizballah?

Time out this week makes the same tired "surrender monkey" statement; 'we're creating enemies with our actions....'

For every action there is a reaction, and for every inaction there is still a reaction. Sometimes you just have to say "what the hell," and get cleaning. Israel, the U.S. and the interested rest can all sit around and do nothing, yet still have something to deal with or the bulls can be taken by the horns and regardless of missteps, worries or concerns see it through to the end.

Entities like Time cannot fathom reality beyond the written word.

Time opens with:

If Israel really believed its fiery campaign against Hizballah in South Lebanon would help turn the local population against the militant Shi'ite group, all indications are that the death and destruction being rained down is having quite the opposite effect. That much was painfully clear Wednesday after an Israeli jet returned to bomb the center of this — until now — relatively safe coastal town for the first time in 10 days, and a new generation of Hizballah supporters was born.
According to this reporter in reaction to people in the streets after an Israeli bomb leveled a building:
“Only civilians live here. There is no Hizballah. Why did they hit us?” asks Mustafa Hashem, a diamond merchant whose uncle lives in an adjacent building. But the street looks familiar to this reporter, who interviewed Sheikh Nabil Qaouk (not worthy of a Wikipedia entry I guess), Hizballah’s southern commander, several years ago in his office in a building located where the missile-struck block stood. At the beginning of the campaign, Israeli jets bombed Qaouk’s home in the village of Jibsheet, a few miles to the north of here. But Qaouk has apparently gone into hiding with other top leaders, which perhaps explains the lack of fatalities.
I guess one could say in response to Mr. Hashem that, "you are correct sir, there is no Hizballah, as they have apparently gone into hiding, hence the lack of fatalities."

Mr. Hashem isn't really going to know whether anyone from Hizbullah lived in the building, even if he does live there.

This reporter and Time belives that the few people they heard in reaction constitutes a huge new slew of Hizbullah supporters and enemies for Israel and by proxy for the U.S.. Nothing will never not create these people as long as they live where and how they function. Real action has to start sometime and let's hope this doesn't stop until they're taken down.

The more that join the ranks of the enemy, the more difficult it is for them to remain anonymous.


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