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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

World powers lose patience with Iran, threaten punishment

"The Iranians have given no indication at all that they are ready to engage seriously on the substance of our proposals," - French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy
Huh, who'da thought?

According to CNN:
World powers agreed Wednesday to send Iran back to the United Nations Security Council for possible punishment, saying the clerical regime has given no sign it means to negotiate seriously over its disputed nuclear program.
Iran better be careful, I think they mean it this time....

According to IRNA, Iran is just being thoughtful because:
A quick response from Iran to a package of incentives offered by the world's six powers (Group 5+1) before ambiguities therein are removed will bring destructive results, an Iranian official has said.
So perhaps the bullies should just back off...

Afterall through IRNA, we understand that Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Larijani said:
"Why do they have to speak with the language of force all the time in the region. They can use diplomacy."
Elsewhere, President Ahmadinejad said:
"Bullying powers, including the Zionist regime, are bound to collapse in in the near future"
Hey, we'll get through this yet...


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