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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

11 Immigrants Get Reprieve From Deportation

Now if I'm not mistaken oftentimes laws are grandfathered, but what would this be called - "Grandchilding?" This is ludicrous.

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From CBS 2 Chicago:

An immigration judge in Chicago has given a reprieve to eleven illegal immigrants slated for deportation.

The Chicago-area immigrants were arrested during a high-profile nationwide sweep involving a company called IFCO Systems.

Judge Carlos Cuevas on Monday gave the former IFCO employees a one-year stay of deportation, on the condition that they agreed not to appeal.

The delay gives Congress time to act on a bill that could grant legal status to many of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the Untied States.

So, you are telling me you made this judicial decision based on the possibility of AMNESTY in the future?? Isn’t that just special…Let us not deport them under the current law, let’s wait to see if later they will receive AMNESTY!!! Frig’in marvelous!

An attorney for the IFCO workers says he’s surprised and pleased by the judge’s ruling.

Even the defense attorney is surprised by this ruling for goodness sake! ARG.

In April, federal agents arrested more than a thousand workers at more than 40 IFCO sites in the United States, including Chicago.

What good does it do if the judges just let them go? Do they stay in detention or are we going to trust them to return? Oh wait, we are going to trust them!

In an emotional celebration, about 120 supporters enveloped the tearful workers with hugs as they emerged from Immigration Court onto Monroe Street in the Loop. Supporters had prayed in Spanish and English for the workers, clutching pictures of their families and religious icons.

That is great, so now they can go back to working and living in this country illegally. So, I guess this judge is just going to free all illegal alien invaders until congress passes new legislation. To heck with enforcing the laws on the books, he is going to wait and see what congress decides. Obviously, is in the amnesty camp and he cares more about his politics than the law. I think that is grounds for removal. Judges do not make decisions based on laws which may be enacted in the future, it is about the laws that are on the books now. I am sick of these judicial activist judges!

Hat tip: Coalition Helper Pam


Oh no, it is potentially worse than just this judge!

Elected officials also will try to influence the U.S. government's enforcement strategy when they meet Tuesday with officials in the Department of Homeland Security's Chicago office. The delegation will include U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez and U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, both Illinois Democrats.

Gutierrez will ask the Department of Homeland Security to suspend all deportations to give Congress time to pass a legalization bill, the congressman's spokesman Scott Frotman said. Frotman said it does not make sense to deport illegal immigrants "because these are people who would ultimately be affected by the law."

Time to contact your elected cockroaches again!

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