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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Illegal Immigration "Meeting Draws Protesters"

"Opposing groups go face to face over immigration issues"

Why I bother with some of these stupid stories, I do not know. For the most part, the "illegal" immigration of the immigration debate is so obvious you wonder why we even argue about it. In any debate the sides have their own point of view, which makes sense and is the way is should be. That said, it is tiring when those that are opposed to "amnesty" are referred to as "anti-immigration" and those that support those that have entered the country illegally as "in support of immigrants."

It's not the medias fault (I think); but neither does it help, whether because they are lazy or implicitly trying to lead the story; they tend to keep facts fuzzy. This of course fogs the debate and the result is, someone is evil and wants bad things for people and the other side is heroic and just cares about their fellow humanbeings.

Well, outside one of the "field" hearings the Rocky Mountain News informs us that:

Emotions flashed from both sides of the immigration debate Wednesday outside the hearing where officials were lamenting bearing the costs of illegal immigrants in the country. The protest groups were small but vocal.

Interesting, ok, now for some supporting facts from Rocky Mountain News:

"You can't ignore the facts," Glen Colton of Fort Collins shouted at supporters holding signs and banners in support of immigrants.

"People are sneaking across the border."

Members of pro-immigrant groups who'd gathered at the Aurora Municipal Center shouted back.

Hmmm, ok, they are quotes, so I guess they don't have to be factual. Afterall, it's what people said whether right or wrong or inbetween. But, do you notice there is what can be considered a "hero" and a "villain?" This is not something either person shouting said; the reporter decided that Glen Colton was shouting at "supporters" and "pro-immigrant" groups shouted on back. So a simple exchange ultimately includes a continuation of misinformation.

Colton ends up being quoted as saying something about a lack of resources to support the "illegal" immigrants and then Rocky quotes Tim Correa whose family has been in CO 5 generations:
"The claims that (illegal immigrants) are here to take away jobs and benefits, it's pure hogwash."
I wonder if his family entered legally originally? Do you suppose this might have been a question the reporter asked?

An "immigrant" rights group, American Friends Service Committee sporting green t-shirts that say "Lucharemos por los derechos de los immigrantes," meaning "We will fight for the rights of immigrants" shout:

"We're not criminals."

To which K.A. Skala, a Czechoslovakian (legal) immigrant, yells:

"Who told you that? Every one of them will steal the spot of someone who is waiting for a visa."

Bottomline, some group, usually the one favored by the media comes off as being more humanitarian in entirely too many situations; when in fact there is always more to the story than what you get in the story.

People want immigration reform. One piece of which might grant legal status to the estimated 10 to 12 million illegal immigrants that have entered this country. Once the new precedent is set, that's the way it will be (supposedly). Elvira Arellano is a good example: do we let her stay in the country? If so, what about all the other folks. If citizenship/amnesty is granted to all the people here illegally, what about future illegal border crossers? Will they somehow not rate the same humanitarian actions? Or will we pass some type of reform that gets rolled over on in a few years and prove that this is/was all for nothing?

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