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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Illegals "fearful" of Demonstrating with Police and Nazis Present?

Interesting in that we have a "pro" illegal immigration group, organizing against a Nazi rally against "illegal" immigration in Madison, Wisconsin.

Would they hope that "No Nazis in Madison" would signal that the opposition to "illegal" immigration is pro-Nazi? It can't hurt.

Organizer Chris Dols said today that members of the Latino community had said that undocumented immigrants might be fearful of demonstrating where police - let alone neo-Nazis - were present.
Forget about the "neo-Nazis" for a moment and kind of run by that sentence again; "....undocumented immigrants might be fearful of demonstrating where police...." My goodness, no offense, but they should be wary of publically demonstrated if they shouldn't even be here in the first place.

I'm no Nazi, "neo" or otherwise, but as sad as it is, the "Nazis" have more right to their demonstration than do the "illegal" immigrants. "Illegal" immigrants should be "hiding in the shadows," as the president recently said, rather than standing up and proclaiming their "illegalness."

The article here at The Capital Times of Madison Wisconsin, "No Nazis' group has plans to keep Latinos, cops apart."

Elsewhere in the world of CAII we have:

Red Hot Cuppa Politics - "Coming to do the Jobs American Terrorists won't do" -

"I personally think it's too late to seal the borders for counter-terrorism reasons. The time to have done that was by noon, 9/11/01, if not ten years before.

Yet, how much clearer does the handwriting on the wall have to be?" read the rest.....
From CommonSenseAmerica comes; "Senate's Fuzzy Math Multiplies Burden On Taxpayers By The Billions" -

"The amnesty bill passed by our Senate in 1986 deceived the American citizen with their numbers. Passing their enormous `amnesty bill' to `fix our broken immigration system'', the Senate in 1986 estimated they would be granting amnesty to approximately 1 million illegal immigrants." The rest of the story here....

"Hazelton, PA: Flushing Out Illegals," is the subject from Blogmeister USA -

The Washington Post has an article on the town of Hazelton, Pennsylvania, which has taken the bold step of passing legislation that would make it very difficult for illegal aliens to live and work there. The new law will take effect next month. Continued.......
And last but not least, Take Back Georgia, spreads the word with "Action Updates" -

"1) Please take the following POLL (Thank you MWT!)

2) Please join in our letter writing campaign scheduled for August 23rd (TOMORROW)Get the LETTER and DETAILS: HERE!" Find the REST here.....

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