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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Suit Targets Hiring of Illegal Farmworkers

"A Santa Monica temp agency alleges a grower and two firms violated a state law on unfair competition by using undocumented workers" - LA Times
A thought just occurred to me as I read the first line of this article in the LA Times, which begins; "Opponents of illegal immigration...," odd that. Why not "proponents of legal immigration?"

Anyway, a "new tactic" in the battle between "proponents of legal immigration" and "opponents of legal immigration" is getting some play.

According to the LA Times:
In a complaint filed Monday, a Santa Monica-based temporary employment agency that supplies legal farmworkers sued a Central Valley blueberry grower and two other companies. The agency contends that the grower hired illegal workers, violating a contract to use the agency's employees.
The suit is believed to be the first of it's kind and is based upon the state's "unfair-competition" law and is said to be an attempt to bring attention to the Federal governments pathetic track record in enforcing laws that require employers to hire "legal" citizens.

The plaintiff, Global Horizons, Inc. alleges:
Munger Bros. had agreed to have Global provide more than 600 blueberry pickers this spring but abandoned the agreement less than a month into the two-month contract and instead hired illegal immigrants.
Of course Munger's attorney says this was not the case, but that Global couldn't perform per the contract.

Well, this unfortunately is the way it appears to have to go. Just like localities across the country enacting their own immigration reform; businesses jump on the litigation wagon to address the situation the best they can.

As Harley Shaiken, a UC Berkeley professor said:
"The suit reflects a real anger that's out there, but it's unlikely to change much on a firm-by-firm or case-by-case basis. Only Congress can change the nation's immigration laws, and Congress is unable to act."
Congress is unable to act? No, I think they refuse to act unless they can work out a way to receive the same perks/support as they did during times that "illegal immigration" ran under the radar.
Unfortunately, I did not check on my e-mail prior to posting.....what do you know - BorderPundit posted on this suit 12 hours ago - so much for my timeliness - "Firms Who Hire Illegal Immigrants Sued"
Hey, did you know Right Truth has posted "Immigration Report Cards for Frist, Alexander and Blackburn," citing the numbers from Numbers USA? They need to be grounded...Give it a read.
Frau Budgie, at Red Hot Cuppa Politics posts regarding, "Civil DIsObedience In MexicoCity, UnCivil DisObedience In Oaxaca." Civil Disobedience? At least it's south of the border (for now), peruse the post here....
And last, but not most (pun intended, if it was a pun); Take Back Georgia is calling on the public to get moving with "Action Against Illegal Immigration Week!!" Follow the link and take ACTION beginning here....

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