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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Terrorism Awards....

From Michelle Malkin comes information about a show on the BBC entitled Time Trumpet, which is a show of satirical skits.

Alot of times we find that we don't all find the same things funny and this is very apparent when you cross borders. Some Americans think for instance that Monty Python, Benny Hill and others are hilarious and others just don't get it.

That said, nobody should get this. A skit called "The Terrorism Awards," is an awards show that annually gives an award to what has to be assumed to be the "best" terrorist act of the year. The clip shows an airliner crashing into and through the top of parliament, a bomb going off in Russia and the assasination of Prime Minister Tony Blair. They all look realistic and are not unlike the type of carnage we see in the news daily.

In response to criticisms of the "satire," a BBC spokesperson posting at The Guardian Blog said:

"The clips have to be seen in the context of the whole series," said a BBC spokeswoman. The show begins on BBC2 this Thursday, with the terrorism episode scheduled for week three. "It is a satire. The scenarios are so ludicrous that anyone who complained would be making a fool of themselves."

What's so funny about these images?
Ha Ha

Har de Har Har

I actually feel that anyone that responded to complaints about the skit by saying those that complain are making fools of themselves is a fool themselves. When the images of a satire have the same look and feel to them as the images we were all inundated with on 9/11 and beyond, you've really crossed a line that questions your mental state. How this could be construed as funny I have no idea.

Why didn't they use footage from Englands July 7, rather than an airliner crashing into Parliament? Was that considered too insensitive? Or crossing a line?

Michelle has a great BTW:

Oh, by the way, recall how sensitive the BBC was about not offending Muslims over the Mohammed Cartoons:

"When we cover any sensitive issue we have to balance our duty to report the story faithfully with our responsibility not to unnecessarily shock or offend our audience.

"It is not always an easy balance to strike, and much discussion and thought goes into decisions like these, but in making such judgements it is the interests, needs and expectations of our audience as a whole which are our guiding principle."

Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?

If you've made it this far be sure to visit the post here...

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