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Friday, August 04, 2006

Weekly Friday Sermon from Iran - Duty

Phew!!! Short service today. IRNA was down for a time, at least to me earlier and it just occurred to me that it's still Friday.

Here's the whole thing from IRNA:

"Tehran's substitute Friday prayers leader Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said on Friday that support for Hizbollah is a duty."

That's it...can the whole family go to McDonald's now?

Elsewhere Mahmoud had this to say, from IRNA:

some Western powers paved the way for establishment of the Zionist government in Palestine on the pretext of compensating the losses of the survivors of World War II.

Thus they usurped the land of a nation, displaced millions of its citizens, took the lives of thousands and captivated thousands of people.

The claimed holocaust was in practice materialized in the land of Palestine,

It is obvious that the Zionist regime is fake and without legal and legitimate foundation.

It later became obvious that the establishment of the regime actually aimed to set up a base in the center of the Islamic region for permanent threats, aggressions and suppression.

The establishment of the Zionist regime prevented convergence and unity among the regional as well as Islamic nations and governments and the seed of permanent discord was sowed.

Ah, the victim card. Be a man Ahmadinejad, admit to failure, obsession and ignorant hatred on the part of those who blame big, bad Israel for all their woes. But that won't happen as he isn't a man, nor are there any in that part of the world that play this pathetic, sad little game of "woe is me," "poor us," "it's not fair..."

Go cry to yourself *SSHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'For my next trick, I will make the Zionist pigs disappear with my "peaceful nukes!"'


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