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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Border fence still roils GOP in House

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Senate and House Republicans seeking broad changes in immigration law conceded Tuesday that a 700-mile fence on the Mexican boarder will probably pass the Senate this week, but warned the fence will not stop illegal immigration and that lawmakers will continue after the November election to try to expand the ways to gain legal entry into the United States.
Interesting that the Senate "warned" that this won't stop illegal immigration. They are the nimrods that finally got a clue as to what we want and now somehow we don't realize that this isn't the end-all final fix?

This looks as though it is a heads up that Republican or not, there will be efforts after the elections in November that containing all the garbage we do not like and all the garbage that they say they are now against.

"...to try to expand the ways to gain legal entry into the U.S." I hear that, but I don't hear about expanding ways to prevent "illegal" entry into the country. That one statement just sounds loaded to me and I don't much care for it.

Dick Armey had some remarks that you may find aggravating:
"Political discourse many times is captured by -- what should I say -- the most primitive thought process." This has been rallied up by a lot of people that are very visible and make a lot of noise, but have never been guilty of any deep thinking."
This, as above paints the picture that "enforcement first" supporters aren't too bright and expect fantasy to now take place. Thanks Dick!

Arlen Specter? Oh, he has some concerns too, he's not going to rest until a "comprehensive" approach is achieved. He cited concern that the "piecemeal approach" and that it:
"would undermine the political foundation for a broader bill, which has always been built on a trade-off between a border crackdown and legalization."
"Foundation for a broader bill," or foundation allowing for business as usual with everything but the kitchen sink. I don't think he and others like the possibility of accountability available to the people with them taking the piece by piece approach.

I guess we just don't understand the "nuance" involved in politics or maybe they don't understand that we are on to them and they are not just going to slap a bunch of garbage together (including things that have nothing to do with immigration) into a "comprehensive" deal.

McCain of Arizona?:
"We have no dispute that border security and national security are our top priority, but we also strongly assert that it has to be a comprehensive approach because you can't just leave 12 million people in this country with nothing being done about their status, nor can we ignore the needs of the labor market."
No, we can't just leave 12 million people in the country that don't belong here nor can we ignore the labor market, but you guys aren't slapping it all together. Your little deal with regard to 12 million people depends a great deal upon the fact that the number is still estimated and that there is nothing that suggests they will jump all over whatever deal you kids work out. It's akin to saying we need to comprehensively fix something that we really have no accurate accounting of, but hey, if you let us put it all into one basket we can claim we did something effective.

Lastly Armey said and this is cute:

"I don't care who you are, if you've got little ones, you're going to find a way to feed them. It just infuriates me, the kind of discussion here that doesn't recognize this. Illegal immigrants are doing the same thing you and I would do -- the same thing that East Germans were doing when they tried to scramble over their wall."

See? Dick wants to be able to talk without saying anything and ignores that it is understood more will need to be done, but this is a GOOD start. Yep, they are doing the same thing you and I would do, but it does not change the illegality of those that we are discussing, does it?

The "East Germans?" Ummmm, skipping over the obvious idiocy of this tired statement; this is like saying the Mexican government erected a wall to keep their people in and we all know this isn't the case and nor is it that they want to keep them in Mexico.

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