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Friday, September 01, 2006

Have You Visited "Reject the U.N." yet Today?

Here's what's cooking in the effort to free up a little real estate on the island of Manhattan.

From Reject the U.N.:

"Some Stats on the UN"

Things you might want to know about this almost worthless organization. We are accustom to tantrums and tirades from various members and representatives but how does the organization really stack up.

Let us first note that there are 192 member nations. Some of these members I have never heard of in my life. I consider myself well read and rather strong in geography and history, yet many on the list had me completely stumped. How many of you know where Andorra is?
The Rest Here.....

"The UN kind of gets one right"
I found this while surfing through Hugh Hewitts site. The interesting thing about this article is, it was written on a Catholic Religion based site.

While I am not a catholic, and I know several people who are adamantly against the Catholic Church as a whole due to some obvious and unfortunate reasons, I thought this article deserves mention.
The post in it's entirety here.....
"UN chief highlights Gaza aid importance"
UN chief highlights Gaza aid importance
Friday, 01 Sep 2006 12:50

The UN's emergency relief coordinator has said the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza is turning into a "time-bomb".

Jan Egeland was speaking ahead of a conference of countries and international aid agencies in Stockholm, Sweden, where he is expected to call on the international community to not neglect the plight of Palestinians.
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